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Jay Archambeau  :  Senior Digital Designer . UI/UX Designer . Quality Assurance . Marketing Designer . Creative Problem Solver




1996 – present


Agile Environment
2012 – present


2012 – present


Art Direction
2005 – 2010, 2012


2009 – 2010


2012 – present


2008 – present


2002 – 2010


2010 – present


1999 – 2012


2012 – 2016


2012 – 2020


1998 – 2019

2007 – present


2011 – present


2008 – present


1999 – 2018


2012 – 2015


Google Analytics
2009 – present


Google Drive
2011 – present


2010 – present


1993 – present


2005 – present


2002 – 2005


Java Script
1996 – present


Jet Strap
2012 – 2016


2009 – 2011


2011 – 2018


2011 – 2016


2012 – 2019


2000 – present


2006 – 2010


Mac OS / iOS
1992 – present


Microsoft Windows
1991 – present


2011 – 2012


1993 – present


Open Office
2009 – present


2011 – present


1993 – present


1993 – 1999


2001 – 2005


2005 – present


2011 – present


1993 – present


Version 1
2012 – present


1991 – present


4/c Process
1993 – present


PHP Code
2005 – 2015



Detailed questions are asked at the initial stages of planning in order for full understanding from both a customer, and end-user of the proposed design product. I am overly communicative; many times to a fault. Asking the right questions and conjuring use case scenarios helps prevent roadblocks before they even appear.

Best Practices

I take the time to learn about the product and services for which I design. This tactic ensures a well-rounded design approach and ultimately, a polished, final build.

Personal commitment, design passion, attention to detail, scenario (A/B) testing, user personas, and a helpful and professional demeanour are all sincere descriptors on aspects I focus while working with customers and on projects.

Learning and Knowledge Sharing

I take the time to show customers how a proposed design solution is intended to function. I offer hands-on training for dynamic content implementation so site updates, for example, may be made quickly and easily ahead in the future. I find this practice helps offset technical glitches.


CSS and responsive websites continue to be the demand of the current age. Responsive sites allow mobile devices and tablets to render web sites, along with desktop experiences through media query technologies. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies are considered and employed with each design solution. After all, why build the solution if such solutions cannot be easily discovered (on the Web), right?

Take a look at the code for the index page of this site, for example : HTML Code opens in new window  |  CSS Code opens in new window

Following implementation, each design is tested thoroughly for accessibility and function with different browsers and operating platforms. I take the extra miles beyond auto-link checkers. The trusted validation services offered by the world wide web consortium (W3C) is used to double-check both the HTML and CSS. With this line of work, continual development and learning is a must. Reviewing tips and tricks on such places such as Stack Overflow opens in new window and CSS-Tricks opens in new window are two resources that seem to be constants in my browser's history. And to no surprise, actually.


Professional Recognition

  • DollyBrook Resort Website redesign and launch (March 2021)  |  View Site opens in new window
  • Team Recognition: Silo Busting — Follett Book eFairs cross-functioning team (Product Management, Technology, Marketing, and Sales), November 2020
  • Follett Book eFairs development support (QA and UI/UX focus), 2018 — present
  • Follett Destiny UI Refresh, 2016
  • Consultative design work with Paul Holtz, of Studio Backlot opens in new window
  • Follett Universal Search Project, 2013 – 14
  • Myfollett SSO (Single Sign-on) Project, 2013
  • Follett Shelf Project launch, ahead of schedule; under budget, 2012
  • Orbitz.com re-branded site support, 2012
  • Discover Card / amazon.com partnership marketing, 2012
  • Small Business Saturday, Zoro Tools and American Express, 2011
  • Accounting Today : Intelliconnect Product of The Year, CCH, 2009
  • Accounting Today : ProSystem fx Engagement Next Generation Software, 2008, 2009
  • CCH User Conference Point Team, 2007
  • CCH Lean Six Sigma Training, 2007
  • Maximum Impact's The Influence Index, 2007
  • CCH Customer Intimacy Training, 2007
  • CCH Management Development Program, 2006
  • Coremetrics Interface Training, 2006
  • CCH Conflict Management Training, 2005
  • Company-wide Recognition for Redesign of CCHGroup.com, 2005
  • Employee of The Month, Quill Corporation, 2004
  • Shopping Success in e-Commerce: iPhrase Award, 2003
  • i-Merchant of The Year, Catalog Age Magazine, 2003
  • Business Weekly, Website Award, 2003
  • Improving CaMP Performance Award : MyPoints.com, 1999
  • Compassion Award : MyPoints.com, 1999
  • Telly Award Recipient for PharmaNutrients’ Tonalin Sales Video, 1997
  • American Center for Design, Chicago Member, 1992 – 2002
  • American Institute for Graphic Arts, Chicago Member, 1995 – 2002

Personal Recognition

  • Light of The World Award for Ministry, Joliet Diocese, 2014
  • Quoted in The Northwest Herald for eBook Experience, 2013
  • Governor Home Town Award for Gilberts, Illinois, 2005
  • Earth Day Community Clean-Up Recognition, 2005 – 2006
  • Registered Trademark Holder for design of LifeTapestry Logo, 2005
  • Webmaster for wyndhamclub.com, 2003 – 2005
  • Wyndham Club Condominium Association, Board Member, 2003 – 2005
  • Young Adult Co-Coordinator and Mentor, 1995 – 2015
  • Young Adult Program Facilitator, 1995 – 2015
  • Iowa State University Art & Design Annual, 1995
  • Iowa State University President Residence Show, 1995
  • First Place Photography Competition, Naperville Park District, 1993
  • Design Winner of Earth Day Logo Contenst, Naperville, Illinois, 1991
  • National Finalist, Time Magazine Cover Contest, 1991
  • Published Author, The Long Meadow Grove Journal, 1991



Ace Hardware
Anniversary brochure, environmental graphics, signage


American Hotel Register
Homepage redesign


Brian Izard
Website HTML and CSS coding  |  View Site opens in new window


Citi Cards
Microsite redesign


Cupboards Design Group
Website redesign


Discover Card
Web landing page design, web banner design, email marketing design


Marketing design, consultation, logo design, web graphic asset design


Follett School Solutions Group
HTML and CSS coding for various software products, mobile e-reader design, visual asset design, iconography, usability, and UI/UX support


Franklin Mint
Web landing pages


Gullo International
Corporate identity, capabilities brochure, copy writing, photo art direction


Howard Sportswear
Website design, copy writing, advertising, marketing collateral


Inland Real Estate
Home page redesign


Lillian Vernon
Web landing pages


Home page redesign


New York & Company
Web landing pages, Web micro site


Orbitz Worldwide
UI/UX design support, marketing design, home page redesign, pattern library templates


Our Sunday Visitor
Marketing design, brochure design, trade show material design, environmental graphic design


Web banner ads, HTML email, web landing pages


Richard Martin Design
Website design and consultation


Rockwell Electronic Commerce
User Conference signage, marketing collateral, brochures


Saint Mary Church
Program directory, advertising, brochure design


Sears Holdings
Label design for easy living paint line


Senior Smile Care
Website design, web marketing consulting, photo art manipulation, HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript coding


Simple Balance Health Center
Website redesign


Sherwin Williams
Label design for Dutch Boy Paint products


USA Today
email marketing design


Web landing pages



Iowa State University opens in new window
Bachelor of Art : Graphic Design
Minor : English
Graduated with Honors


College of DuPage opens in new window
College Electives
Continuing Education


Harper College opens in new window
Continuing Education


Great quotes folks have offered about me and my level of work. My sincere gratitude for your words and support; thank you very much.


Jay has phenomenal design talent. His work was always first rate and very well received.

Dan Youse – Vice President Operations  |  CCH TeamMate opens in new window  |  February 15, 2011


Jay is a creative designer who was a pleasure to work with. He interacted well with all the various stakeholders of a project and gathered / incorporated feedback in his designs as appropriate. Jay is a dedicated employee, a true professional, and would be a great addition to any company.

Susan Nolan – Director of Marketing Communications  |  CCH opens in new window  |  November 3, 2010


I brought Jay on to the Internet Team as Design Manager, and was instantly grateful for his experience, talent and enthusiasm, which was exactly what we needed to take our web and email communications to the next level. Jay is a seasoned pro who knows how to lead a project successfully through to completion. He communicates thoroughly and in a timely manner, both internally and to customers, and is an overall pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him.

Craig Koller – Senior Manager, Creative Services  |  CCH opens in new window  |  November 14, 2010


I had a chance to work with Jay on a key feature, and found him to be a great asset in getting to a creative and innovative solution. He was always well prepared, and could thoroughly describe his approach to a problem as well as the solutions that could work best to meet the business need. Solution delivery is an iterative and collaborative process, and having someone with Jay's expertise carried huge value as we narrowed in on the right approach. It was a pleasure working with jay throughout the process.

Joe Zizzo – Product Manager  |  Orbitz Worldwide opens in new window  |  June 25, 2012


Jay Archambeau is a design wiz of the highest degree and was my go-to creative resource for a number of critical and time-sensitive projects. I was especially impressed with the ease in which he took abstract concepts with minimal direction and translated those into compelling and appealing visuals. His ability to focus both elegant and practical design elements together is just one of his many strengths. Any organization looking to take its creative capabilities to the next level should look no further than Jay.

Brian Schwartz – Internal Communications Manager  |  CCH opens in new window  |  October 14, 2010


Jay was a pleasure to work with at CCH. He has an outstanding work ethic and is continually dedicated to delivering high-quality designs. Jay was committed to serving the needs of his customers and could always be counted on to deliver on time; regardless of the fire drills coming at him throughout the day. Jay's talent and dedication would make him a valuable asset in any organization.

Sarah Helvie – Channel Manager  |  CCH opens in new window  |  November 3, 2010


First and foremost, when working with Jay, your day automatically changes when you speak with this genuine and joyful professional. Jay's expertise in the creative space has enabled me to expand my knowledge in the web development world. All in all – Jay is GREAT person first, then: an industry leading professional!

Robby Schoenhoft – Manager of Talent Acquisition & Retention  |  Analysts in Motion opens in new window  |  April 1, 2011


Jay is one of the most effective, most pleasant colleagues that I have worked with. He is highly regarded as an outstanding and creative digital media professional, and good guy. He was instrumental in driving the creative direction of Tonalin, Fat Binder and Absorbitol Nutraceutical product lines. There is nobody I know who doesn't like and respect Jay.

Terrence Quandt – National Account Executive  |  PharmaNutrients opens in new window  |  October 24, 2010


I worked with jay at MyPoints.com. He was a huge help as a designer and friend in a busy environment. I always counted on him to get projects done on time and with style. I highly recommend Jay and would hire him again if the situation presented itself.

Thomas Moraitis – Director of Creative Services  |  MyPoints.com opens in new window  |  November 10, 2010


Jay was one of the top interactive designers at Quill, with good reason. He consistently cranked out web designs that exceeded our sales goals, taking the marketing department's ever-changing direction in stride. One of the best in the biz!

John Gagliardi – Manager, Channel Marketing Systems  |  Quill Corporation opens in new window  |  December 14, 2010


Jay was great to work alongside, and learn from. He is a very organized individual which helped him streamline his work process. I have learned from his example and have done the same thing. He has a good eye for detail, and developing standards that enforce the company branding. He is easy to get along with, and was a pleasure to work with.

Ben Wilson – Interactive Designer  |  Quill Corporation opens in new window  |  December 22, 2010


Jay is a always a pleasure to work with. He was on the same team, and was always very reliable and helpful in all of our projects. He is always positive and inspires me to work harder and improve more everyday.

Reynaldo Tolentino III – Web and Graphic Designer  |  December 22, 2010


Design Style

My personal design style and taste usually favors the "Less is more" approach, as originally described by Mies van der Rohe, a renown architect and furniture designer. He was known especially for his no-nonsense approach to design challenges and his work reflects clean lines, simple forms and shapes, along with primary color tones, all without ornament.

I tend to design in a similar fashion; relying heavily on the Swiss style, paying close attention to the careful and purposed use of negative space, also known as white space.

Gernally, I employ elegant typography and am mindful of how type is visual, and therefore, image. This is especially true when type is shown in visual relation to accompanying imagery, photography, or other design elements.

Creative Process

As far as design development is concerned, I am a follower of the traditional approach and prefer to perform quick sketches (and plenty of them) prior to using the computer. I also believe it imperative to meet face-to-face with clients to review the design requirements ahead of time and to gain a solid business understanding of not only the project, but the context in which the design solution is intended to serve. Careful attention is also given to the intended audience, or end user of the design solution, whether it be a website, corporate identity, brochure, or other form of media.

Lastly, I prefer to come up with usually 3 solid styled proposed solutions for the client. After the iterations are reviewed and approved, and/or revisions suggested, is when the final comp will be created. The edited design is then presented one last time for final approval or final revisions before it is ultimately produced.

Inner Workings (How my boat floats)

I pride myself on having just the right amount of ego to be and remain passionate about design and people, while not being self-concerned in the least. I put others first and disregard all personal agendas by choice. This is who I am — always actively seeking the collaborative avenue. No one succeeds in a vacuum. It simply is not done alone. I find this characteristic to be unique, refreshing, and well outside the norm. I hope others join me in this motivation.

After the site is successfully tested and launched, or the design is routed to the service bureau for printing and fulfilment, do you know what time it is? Yep, you betcha: Hey, it's 5 PM somewhere. And the first round is on me.



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