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Jay Archambeau  :  Senior Digital Designer . UI/UX Designer . Quality Assurance . Marketing Designer . Creative Problem Solver

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Print Design

Gullo International

Gullo International Capabilities Brochure

Gullo International brochure

Challenge :
Design and produce a first-class brochure showcasing Gullo International’s unique position in the marketplace as a respected commercial property development firm.

Solution :
In order to meet this challenge, every detail for this project was considered; including, but not limited to: Identity design, color, typography, photography, copy writing, and paper choice. The resulting brochure design included die cuts, metallic ink, tinted spot varnish, ultra smooth white stock and custom photography, as well as directed copy writing. After meeting with the client at various times, the final direction was chosen, along with the accompanying text copy.


Ace Paint

Ace Paint 75th Anniversary Brochure

Ace Paint brochure

Challenge :
To celebrate and promote the 75th anniversary of Ace Brand Paints, the company wanted to have a brochure designed showcasing exciting emotion for their interior paint lines.

Solution :
fireworks and jazz were two images that I was inspired to use when pondering this marketing approach. A black (with 30% cyan) flood was used on the front and back covers in order for the typography and imagery to jump off the page. Accompanying this brochure piece is also a 75th anniversary badge design.



Ford Motors

MyPoints sales presentation to Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company

Challenge :
Ford Motor Corporation needed to be wowed and impressed, according to the sales representative I worked with on this deliverable. The MyPoints brand was showcased as a partner (instead of the leader, contrary to other presentations).

Solution :
1999 - 2000 was a year span when Ford was really taking things up a notch with their products; especially in their luxury vehicle lines. capitalizing on these ideals, prompted a more sophisticated design and layout for this important sales meeting presentation.


Zoro Tools

Email Campaign Specifications and instruction for Netsuite users (internal document)


Challenge :
Imparting explicit and important knowledge for the successful sending of email marketing was my motivation with this documentation. Although this is not a design example, it does openly reflect my attention to detail and desire to assist others in their pathways to success.


Follett eReader

Design specifications for Follett Textflow e-Reader Application, iOS / Android

Challenge :
UI/UX user flow documentation and development instructions for third-party developers implementation.

Solution :
PDF supplied.


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