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Jay Archambeau  :  Senior Digital Designer . UI/UX Designer . Quality Assurance . Marketing Designer . Creative Problem Solver


Introductory Biography

Who am I
I am a seasoned and sought-after Senior Digital Designer with a tremendous wealth of experience. I draw my inspiration from building relationships and partnering with customers and fellow teammates. I pride himself on collaboration and the realization that design solutions do not obtain success without synergy and conglomeration. Additionally, I bring not only a critical and keen eye for usability and informed ADA Compliant perspectives, but also a refreshing approach to intelligent use cases and simplified user flows, based on an unquenchable thirst for understanding.

Agile Software Development Environments
Working with several Agile organized development teams over the course of the last decade, I offer the experience of learning and relating with software developers at the table. I’m able to speak their language, so-to-speak, and provide not only perspective from their level, but also translate the complexities of the developer dialect to the business. I believe I serve as an effective liaison in such business atmospheres. And I’m able to serve in such capacities comfortably and naturally. I’ve worked in tenure with CCH, a well-known firm within the financial industry, where I gained specific knowledge about the details of such business-related direction. While employed for several years there, I served as a trusted marketing team partner and added tremendous value, both to the customer-minded Training Department, as well as to the customer-focused sales force. The measured results can be seen with a track record of bringing in an additional +$5 Million in revenue following two exemplified customer-facing site redesigns.

Varied Industry Experience
My background includes a vast eclectic span of industries; including: Yarn and Crafts, Nutraaceuticals, Paints and Coatings, Telecommunications and Call Center Technologies, Online Shopping and Loyalty, Office Supply, Tax and Accounting, Industrial Supply, Credit Card and Loyalty Programs, the Travel Industry, and the Education Market.

Current Employment
Currently, I am employed with Follett School Solutions, a premier content supplier of educational content to students and their educators from grade K through 12. In the roles I’m responsible for Quality Assurance (Software Testing), UI/UX solutions, Front-End Development, as well as Advertising Design and support with partners within the in-house Marketing Department.

Personal Motivation
With a sincere love of design and an eye for detail, I enjoy the technical aspect of researching user personas, building use cases, creating user flows (Wireframes), designing anticipated user paths, and finally, delivering eye-catching and engaging high-fidelity mock ups. Following customer approvals, I rely on my personable skills in connecting with developers to collaborate on converting the visuals into a coded reality. I look forward to assisting your organization in rather similar ways discovered to be effective and noteworthy.

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With over 20 years experience and a fine portfolio to boot, Jay is dedicated designer who is focused on professional relationships. He is a positive-minded team mate and a seasoned web usability professional, eager to connect with you.

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